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Little Jammers Ages 5&6



Membership Includes

1 Weekly Class

Monthly Workshops

Participation In Members Only Events:
– Concerts
– Summer Camps
– Movie Nights
– Nerf Nights
– Parents Night Out

Little Jammers (Ages 5/6)

This is a program designed to teach important musical fundamentals such as “rhythm” and “tone” in a way that makes the learning process FUN! We treat this class as an “onboarding” for when they are old enough to participate in our Kids Program, giving them a little taste of all the common instruments (and some not-so-common instruments like boom whackers). We use the gross motor skills they have to play the majority of our music games while simultaneously developing the fine motor skills they’ll need for when they choose their future starting instrument.

KIDS Programs (Ages 7-10)

To us, every class we teach is an opportunity to motivate our students to not only become better musicians, but also better people through the life-skills we teach. Our dynamic classes combined with our unique #Hashtag Sharps system allows us to teach all aspects of music in a way that keeps kids excited to learn more. After all… music should be fun!

TWEENS & TEENS Programs (Middle/High School)

We work hard to create an atmosphere where students can feel confident being themselves. We create this “drama free zone” by getting people connected under the same common interest… music! This program teaches the same curriculum using the #Hashtag Sharps system, but in a way that connects with them at their age. They’ll learn their favorite songs, all while forming strong friendships with each other!