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(Not Including Leadership Program)


(2 Classes/Week Offered)

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(All Ages)

We are always accepting new students at our school, and our Pick-Up classes serve as an “onramp” that gives students the musical confidence they need to jump into our regular classes. This program will have you playing songs in no time! So… are you ready to Pick-Up an instrument?


(Ages 8-11)

To us, every class we teach is an opportunity to motivate our students to not only become better musicians, but also better people through the life-skills we teach. Our dynamic classes combined with our unique #Hashtag Sharps system allows us to teach all aspects of music in a way that keeps kids excited to learn more. After all… music should be fun!


(Ages 12-18)

We work hard to create an atmosphere where students can feel confident being themselves. We create this “drama free zone” by getting people connected under the same common interest… music! This program teaches the same curriculum using the #Hashtag Sharps system, but in a way that connects with them at their age. They’ll learn their favorite songs, all while forming strong friendships with each other!


(All Ages)

Learning leadership qualities at a young age is proven to be a platform for future success in life. We go above and beyond raising up the next generation of musicians, and we do this through our Leadership Program. Once our students gain a fair amount of experience in their instruments, they become eligible for this program. We use their passion for music to teach them the knowledge and skills needed to be great music instructors. Our hands on approach teaches them practical skills like “being a motivator”, and “clearly communicating thoughts/ideas”, while giving them the opportunity to practice these skills in real life by assisting certain classes. The qualities that they’ll learn can be applied to all areas of life!


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